CTLWIN File Management Software

CTLWIN is the Windows version of our popular DOS based CTLynx software. CTLWIN is used to manage test programs and script files on the 1100R+ and 1100H+ line of Cirris cable testers.

WARNING: Before upgrading to a new software version, always BACK-UP your existing test files and your existing database file.


With CTLWIN you can:

  • Edit test programs to have custom file names instead of the default learned signatures.
  • Change the default connector pin labels to match your cable documentation.
  • Add LUA scripts and other custom components to your test programs. (on 1100 series testers) (Scripting sold separately)
  • Modify your test files so they can be use with other Cirris tester models.
  • Back-up the wirelist in your testers' memory to a Windows PC or other external storage device.

How it Works:

The Cirris 1100R+ and 1100H+ testers are designed to run without a PC. However, if you choose, you can load and execute the test programs directly from the CTLWIN software. CTLWIN does not show pass or failed results in the software. It does not print good or bad cable reports or get measured values test data. For these features, see our SPC Data Collection product sheet for the 1100R+, 1100H+, and Easy-Touch® cable testers. (SPC Made Easy Software )

Click for a software tutorial.


What you will need to use CTLWIN:

  • A Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 computer with users privileges to install software.
  • A Serial port or USB-to-Serial converter.
  • A standard Serial Cable (Usually included with your tester)
  • A Compatible Cirris testers: 1000R+, 1100R+ or 1000H+, 1100H+, 1000RX*, 1000HX*, 
    (* Optional Serial Port Required)

CTLWIN is included with the original purchase of your compatible tester. If you have lost your install media or would like to upgrade from the DOS version (CTLynx) please Call 1-800-441-9910 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please remember to always back-up your stored data before installing any software.


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