Smart-Lights® Devices

  • Plug adapter cables in anywhere
  • Find errors fast with bi-colored LEDs
  • Build with guided assembly 

As their name suggests, Smart-Lights devices make your adapter cables "smart". With Smart-Lights devices, you do not need to map test points for every new test setup. The information is stored in the Smart-Lights device where Cirris Easy-Wire® software can retrieve the information and recognize the points. Also, you can plug in your adapter cables anywhere on your tester.Cirris Easy-Wire software will recognize the Smart-Lights device no matter where you attach the cable.

What does this mean? Extremely fast, error-free test setup that saves you time and money.

Smart-Adapters can save you time and money in three key areas:

  • Final Testing with adapter cables
  • Testing on the build-board
  • Distributed Testing

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