Performance Check Kits

CR Performance Check Kit
CR Performance Check Kit

Cirris recommends tester calibration be verified annually at a minimum. This can be performed using a Performance Check Kit following a fully documented process.

Each kit is designed for a specific tester type and includes a series of standards, the values of which are certified and traceable to NIST (the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology).

The certificate of calibration included with a performance check kit is valid for two years.

Part Numbers & Kit Manuals

Tester Kit Part Number Manual
4200 PCHK-42
4250 PCHK-42
Easy-Touch Pro / Easy-Touch PCHK-3
1100H+ PCHK-3  
1100R+ PCHK-3
1000RX PCHK-2
1000R+ PCHK-2
Touch1 PCHK-3
Touch1 LV PCHK-3
Pin-Sight PCHK-PS
 In addition to the information presented below, see Frequently Asked Questions about Performance Check Kits.

 Verifying calibration on an Easy-Touch Pro

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