The Easy-Wire software makes Guided Harness Assembly fast, accurate, and affordable. With the "guided assembly mode" active you test each connection as the harness is constructed. The software insures you make each connection correctly. When the harness assembly is completed you know it will work properly because it was tested throughout the build process. This guided assembly feature is extremely useful on complex harnesses where unobserved mistakes can happen easily.

Guided Assembly with Easy-Wire Software

  • Step by Step Assembly Instructions

  • Audible and Visual Feedback when making good and bad connections

  • Use a Probe or Wrist Strap for wire identification

  • Quickly Setup Test

  • Graphical Display of connector being terminating

  • Wide Variety of Pre-Programed Assembly Modes:

    • Sequential Build Test

    • Random Build Test

    • Single Pass Build Test

    • Sequential Build (Loose Wires)

    • Random Build (Loose Wires

  • Optional Test Notes popup window with instructions for operator
  • Configurable Test Reports on completion of testing