Terminate flying leads with Guided Assembly

Guided Assembly includes:

  • Step by Step Assembly Instructions

  • Audible and Visual Feedback for both Good and Bad Connections Made

  • Use of Probe or Wrist Strap for wire identification

  • Quick to Setup and nearly instant test response

With easy-wire you also get:

  • Graphical Display of Connector you are Terminating to

  • Wide Variety of Pre-Programed Assembly Modes:

    • Single Test
    • Sequential Build Test
    • Random Build Test
    • Continuous Test
    • Single Pass Build Test
    • Sequential Build (Loose Wires)
    • Random Build (Loose Wires)
  • Optional Test Notes (Popup window with instructions for tet person)

  • Configurable Test Reports on completion of testing

If you build cables that start with the connector at one end fully loaded, you'll need to selectively load the connector at the other end. Quickly find which wire goes in which pin position of a connector using the "guided assembly" feature of your tester.

For years guided assembly has been a feature available on many of our products. With the introduction of our easy-wire test software guided assembly features have been expanded and enhanced. The Virtual Demo linked from this page illustrates some of these features. If you have a cable or harness that is mass terminated on one end, and you need assistance identifying and terminating the flying leads on the other end, this virtual demo will interest you.