Easy-Touch® & 1100 with Easy-Wire® Measured Values

Measured values have the following prerequisites:

“Data Collection” needs to be an installed feature.  (Utilities / Setup System Options / Enable Features)

“Store Measured Test Values” needs to be checked-in on Tab 2 “Set Test Defaults” from within the test program editor.

You must have instructions defined under Tab 3 “Define Instructions” from within the test program editor.

Your “Test Report” configuration (Tab 2 “Set Test Defaults” / “Configure Reports / Auto Print” / “Test Report”) must have “Measured Values” checked-in under the “Options” menu.

Your “Test Report” configuration must also have the column “Value Measured” showing in the “Measured Values” block.  You may right-click on the block and choose “Edit Columns” to proceed with adding it if it’s missing.

Your test program must “PASS” and finish testing (remove test device).  The “Test Report” should now be assessable and include measured values.