The Pin-Sight Bar code System allows you to quickly and accurately read wires that have been marked with code 39 bar codes. The operator just places the wire in the reading area of the flex-stand holder eliminating the need to pick up a bar code scanner gun or pull its trigger.

Cirris combines the Opticon 3001 Bar code scanner with a specialized holder that attaches to the base of the Pin-Sight.

We recommend using Opticon's Rugged Hand held USB Laser Bar code Scanner model OPR 3001WU1-000 (USB interface).


The information below is designed to help you set-up your Opticon scanner to work correctly with your Pin-Sight machine. The image in the lower left is a smaller version of what you will see if you go to the Opticon set-up page. The set-up page can be reached by clicking on the Opticon's Configuration Sheet heading below.

Link to Opticon's Configuration Sheet

  1. Set factory defaults:
  2. ISet full ASCII code 39:   (required if you use lower case characters and most punctuation)
  3. Enable auto trigger:   (required for hands free operation)
  4. Sets loudness to minimum:   (could be skipped if it is not loud enough).
  5. Add CR/LF at the end of a scan:   (required to eliminate need to hit the enter key).