Combining Touch 1 and 1100 Testers with Multiple Easy Touch Testers


Your first Easy Touch tester should be combined as shown here. To add multiple Easy Touch testers, you will want to network your Easy Touch testers using 'Cirris Server Software'. This allows additional Easy Touch testers to share files with the Touch 1 and 1100 network location without requiring you to import all of your Touch 1 and 1100 test files into each additional Easy Touch. Instructions on how to network multiple Easy Touch Testers.

So, how do I make this work?

First, you network your Touch 1 or 1100 tester(s) using the "Networking Made Easy Software" and copy all your Touch 1 or 1100 wirelists to the network folder location. Then, on that same PC or on a PC connected to that PC, you network your Easy Touch testers using the "Cirris Server Software". On one of your Easy Touch testers, you create an easy-wire category and link it to the network location. The last step is to import your Touch 1 wirelists into any of the Easy Touch testers.

HOW TO: For detailed instructions, see "Sharing Wirelists between Easy Touch and Touch 1 or 1100 Testers" from the Easy Touch Getting Started Guide.