Important notice.

January 1, 2019

The serviceable life of the Cirris 1000LC is anticipated to end 2021. Factory Calibrations and Performance Check Kits may still be available for functioning 1000LC systems until 2023.

For a comparable 1000LC replacement unit we recommend the Cirris 4200 or the Cirris 1100R+ depending on your particular needs. Please contact your Cirris account representative for more information.

Touch 1


  • Up to 128 points.
  • Interfacing is provided through two 64 pin, 0.1" dual-row male headers (a probe assists in test-point identification).
  • Self-learns the wiring pattern of any type of cable or harness.
  • Tests for opens, shorts, and miswires in less than one second.
  • Easy-to-follow menu prompts you in programming and testing cables.
  • Wire lists and error lists can be displayed or printed out at the push of a button.
  • Cirris Signature Analysis
    • A six-digit “signature” is mathematically derived from an assembly’s wire list.
    • Each cable/harness will have its own unique Signature based on its own wire list.
    • The Signature of a programmed cable is compared with the original Signature to ensure correct programming.

Ideal for field service

  • Operates on either 120/220 VAC or a 9 volt battery
  • Optional carry case available.
  • Easy-to-follow menu provides prompts for programming and testing cables.
  • Can be programmed from a sample cable, internal memory, or a “Memory Token” (touch a preprogrammed token to the memory token contact on the tester).
  • Stores “last learned” cable in battery backed-up internal memory.