Easy-Touch® Hardware Error While Using the Tester


If you receive the follow hardware error while using the Easy-Touch you may have a bad tester processor card:

#6 EW1100 tester not found. Check base serial connection and check unit power.

#2001 Fatal Error: Tester not found


Power off the tester and then immediately turn the tester back on. If you receive the error message during boot up, power off the tester again. This time leave the tester off for 30 minutes to an hour. After this wait, turn the tester on and see if the tester boots to a "Ready" state.

If the tester boots to a "Ready" state, it is the behavior of the tester processor card causing the problem. The problem will persist until the card is replaced. Please contact Cirris Technical Support for assistance with this.

If the tester does not boot to a "Ready" state there may be another cause for the problem. Please contact Cirris Technical Support for further troubleshooting.