"Connection Failed" error when starting Easy-Wire®

Error : dmDatabaseName.TDatabaseName.try_and_connect_to_db: Connection failed, FIBDatabase.DatabaseName = C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Cirris\database\easywire.fdb

If you receive the above error when trying to start CTLWIN or Easy-Wire, the error could be caused by Firebird Services not running. To check this click Start/Run, type 'services.msc' and press 'Enter.' Sort the service names alphabetically (if they aren't already in alphabetical order) and scroll down to find Firebird. There are two services that are installed and are used by Easy-Wire products: 

  • The first is Firebird Guardian - DefaultInstance. This is responsible for monitoring the actual service to ensure if it stops for any reason that it be started again.  
  • The second is Firebird Server - DefaultInstance. Make sure both services have a "Started" status.  If they have not started this is the cause of the error, and why Easy-Wire will not start.

To start the service, right-click on the service name and select 'Start.'  If the service cannot start, it's possible the current Windows user you are logged in with does not have the appropriate permissions to edit services. Please contact your IT department if this is the case.