Replaceable Adapters

Cirris has developed an approach that extends the usable life of connector adapters. Small sockets are soldered to the adapter board. A plastic support strip aligns the sockets and prevents them from being bent or damaged and is a base for the connector to sit on. When a connector is worn out or broken it can be removed from the adapter board and thrown away. A new connector is inserted in the sockets and the connector is secured to the adapter board with two screws. The photos illustrate this concept.

A connector partially un-socketed from the base board.

adapters sm-hole

  1. A connector partially un-socketed from the base board. Two screws (not shown) on either side of the connector hold the connector firmly in the sockets during use. When the connector becomes worn out or damaged the screws are removed from the bottom of the adapter and the connector is un-socketed from the adapter board.
  2. Sockets are clearly shown. Currently, replaceable adapter configurations are limited to connector types with pin "footprints" that match our current inventory of adapter boards.