Prolonging the Life of Your PV Receptacles

In repair we find that most of the time the outer contacts of the PV receptacles are the first to fail. Adapter cards plug into interface connectors which are designed for many mating cycles. In this video we discuss the causes of these failures and the preventative steps you can take to ensure a longer tester receptacle life on your Cirris tester. 
PV receptacle life can be shortened from bent pins on adapter cards that are damaging the internal connections of the PV receptacle or failure to properly use a cover-plate during testing that causes the adapter to rock back and forth inside of the PV receptacle. Some tips to prolong the life of your receptacles:

  • Check adapter cards for bent pins.
  • Straighten bent pins carefully with smooth long nosed pliers.
  • Use cover-plates during testing.
  • Align adapter cards with receptacles before inserting adapter into receptacles.
  • Carefully remove adapter cards.
  • Replace defective or damaged adapter cards.