Using Inert Gas to Enhance Electrical Wiring Inspection

A test method using inert gas in conjunction with low-energy high-voltage testing to detect insulation damage in electrical wiring that may go undetected by standard test methods.

cracked wire sm

One very challenging wiring problem is how to detect cracked or chafed insulation in installed aircraft wiring. As the average age of the U.S. air fleet increases the FAA, under the direction of Congress, has implemented the 'Aging Aircraft Program'. The FAA, together with private industry, is working to develop new cable testing techniques and equipment for the effective testing and inspection of aging wiring systems. Cirris was an active participant in this endeavor for a number of years.

In 2003, Cirris presented a paper, Using Inert Gas to Enhance Electrical Wiring Inspection at the 6th Joint FAA/DoD/NASA Aging Aircraft Conference. This paper describes the technique and tools required to pinpoint insulation damage. This technique could also be used in a manufacturing environment, and can serve to enhance the value of high-voltage insulation testing on newly manufactured cables. For more information contact us.