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Whether you browsed briefly or stayed for a full demonstration, we hope you left the event inspired. Below you will find a download for the presentations given at the show. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to try out a product in your facility.

Fast and Efficient Setup for High-Mix-Low-Volume Cable Harness Manufacturing and Test

by Kevin Shelley

This presentation shows the latest industry methods for quickly setting up an electrical cable/harness test to ensure you can quickly transition from receiving test data to completing a fully operational test setup. The key to efficient setup lies in six critical steps: getting the tested device data into the tester test program, making test adapters, setting up fixturing, mapping the test points, completing the test setup, and troubleshooting any setup errors.

To get the data into the tester quickly, the presentation demonstrates the significant time savings that can be made in automating test data import from Excel or CSV files, pdf drawing files, harness modeling software export, or scripts from other testers.  Kevin also illustrated how smart/ intelligent adapters can support fast data input by improving the speed of autolearning sample harnesses as well as the speed of making repeat setups.  The presentation shows the advantage of creating a collection of single-connector-mate smart adapter cables that can be used for off-the-shelf test setups. These adapters cables can also be used with quick setup harness boards for integrated test/build capability.  Setup efficiency can be maximized by using fast-connect, tester-side latching interface connectors on tester-side strip connector. The presentation provides ideas for testing when no mating connector is readily available.  New software tools allow for fast troubleshooting verification of test setups. With these strategies, engineers can ensure a seamless quick setup for testing high mix electrical cable and harnesses.

high voltage test on touch screen

Understanding and Mastering High Voltage Testing

by Kevin Shelley

This presentation provides a thorough overview of high voltage testing, which is also referred to as hipot testing, of electrical cables and harnesses. Attendees understand the difference between high voltage and low voltage tests, the types of hipot tests, the details of what happens during a hipot test, the limits of what a hipot test can identify, and how high voltage cable tester makes its measurements.

The presentation goes beyond the basics, offering advanced insights into managing high capacitance scenarios, choosing appropriate high voltage settings, and troubleshooting high voltage errors. It emphasizes compliance with safety standards such as IEC / UL / EN 61010-1. It provides practical guidance on dealing with environmental factors like humidity, and making reliable test adapter cables and fixturing.  Kevin Shelley’s expert analysis and practical tips make this an invaluable resource for engineers looking to deepen their knowledge and improve their testing processes. Download the presentation now to elevate your high voltage testing proficiency.

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