Alarm Boxes

Alarm Boxes

Cirris offers an Alarm Box Option for your 4200 Series Testers

The Cirris Alarm Box is designed to sound a Sonalert® alarm whenever a bad cable is detected during the testing process. In addition to the high pitched alarm, a red light comes on also. The person doing the test must remove the bad cable and press the reset button (or turn the key if using the Optional Key Reset) to silence the alarm and prepare the tester for the next cable to be tested.

The alarm box is constructed of:

  •  Standard expansion box metal work(1)
  •  Heavy duty fiberglass (G-10) plastic for the control board platform(1)
  •  Sonalert® alarm(1)
  •  Lamps (1 green and 1 red)
  •  Reset button or key reset (optional)

The electronics for the good cable/bad cable signaling are part of the main tester electronics. A small ribbon cable runs from the main unit to the alarm box to signal the condition of the cable being tested.

Part Number Description
ALRM-1R For 4200 with push-button reset.
ALRM-1H For 4250 with push-button reset.

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