Cirris offers a variety of cable tester accessories to improve your experience, ranging from Expansion Boxes to Tilt Stands

Easy-Touch Pro Expansion Unit
Increase the number of pins and amount of voltage for your tester.

Certify that your Cirris test system is in compliance with the manufacturer’s standards

adjustable tilt stand

Positions analyzer for enhanced viewing angle.

Replacement probes for each Cirris tester.

Replacement power cords for each Cirris tester.

attaching a Cirris adapter to the tester

The Cirris Adapter System allows you to quickly and easily change between different connector types.

Cirris recommends Epson printers for our testers.

Cirris offers additional interfacing accessories, ranging from components to smart-light devices

Ribbon, Discrete and box to box cables to complete connections for your testing.


Everything you need to get your cables connected, protected, and secured

Assembly to final test without hassle.

Simplify setup and organize fixturing with a variety of transition boards.
Instruments for building harness boards, integrating fixturing, and creating a flexible test system.
LEDs provide visual assembly and error queues.

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Cirris Product Catalog

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