The wire-harness industry in Poland is a successful market thanks in part to the efforts of Kabeltech. For over 20 years, Kabeltech has helped provide quality wire and harness processing tools in Poland and Ukraine.

Cirris Easy-Wire Software version 2017.1.0 is faster, more reliable, and includes new features. In addition to bug fixes, the software has major updates to improve the testing experience from creating a test to reporting.

The Easy-Touch Pro has all the useful features and capabilities of the original Easy-Touch but now has new hardware and software to make this tester even more powerful.

The Easy-Touch Tester:

Cirris set out to create a high voltage tester with expert testing abilities and all the features of an independent PC that still fits on a benchtop workspace. The result was the Easy-Touch which has a PC built into the chassis. The system is capable of high voltage testing up to 1500VDC and 1000VAC and is expandable to 1,024 test points in 128 point increments.

Cirris has moved to a new, larger building not far from our old building in Salt Lake City, Utah. This new building will provide the space needed to fulfill the rising number of orders from Cirris customers. It also creates a more collaborative environment for product development, manufacturing, and other departments.