Adapter Consolidation & Part Obsolescence

We know that change is difficult, so we make every effort to service and support our testers for as long as possible. We have two changes to announce that may affect you:

  • Most standard low voltage CAS adapters will be replaced with high voltage adapters
  • Performance check kits for 500, 1000 and CH+ will be obsoleted


To better serve our customer base Cirris Systems will be consolidating the Cirris Adapter System (CAS). These are the adapters used on our popular benchtop systems (1100, 42XX, Easy-Touch Pro, etc.). This consolidation effort will replace Standard Adapters with High Voltage (HV) Adapters where possible. One adapter will accommodate both High Voltage and Low Voltage (LV) (up to 1500 VDC) testing. This will allow our customers to only stock one type of adapter and for Cirris to respond quicker to your requests. There will be no price increase over the standard LV adapters.

For ease of understanding the equivalent HV adapter, a cross over list along with the obsoleted adapters has been provided. Note that an HV adapter can be used anywhere an LV is used without impacting test performance or adapter signature.

 Performance Check Kits

Cirris Systems has been making testers and supporting the installed base for over 35-years. Over that time technology has dramatically changed making it difficult, if not impossible, to support obsoleted Cirris Testers. Several Performance Check Kits will no longer be supported moving forward. We know Cirris Testers are built to last and your twenty-plus year tester is still performing to your needs. As such, we are offering a last time buy on the following Performance Check Kits, see below.

We have made great technological improvements over the last 35-years. And we are available to help you upgrade your obsoleted tester. For a limited time, we will offer a trade-in incentive. Please call your Sales Representative for more details.

End of Life Announcement Date: September 3, 2020

Last Buy Date: October 3, 2020

Cirris will able to accept orders for new product deliveries up until the “Last Buy date” as documented above.

Please note that every attempt will be made to deliver the quantities requested, factors such as parts availability may limit the ability to deliver requested quantities. Any shortfall will be communicated through your local sales representative.

Cirris Adapter Obsolescence