Cirris Serves From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused changes throughout the American workforce. Cirris is no exception. In order to protect our employees, customers, and business, we sacrificed time, space, and personal needs. Over half the company turned their homes into home offices. Communication moved online. Those who still worked at Cirris headquarters were forced to wear protective masks. One thing did not change. Every Cirris employee gladly accepted these changes with a positive attitude.

As the majority of our Customers, Cirris is grateful to be an Essential Supplier with an Essential Infrastructure Workforce. We recognize the vital demands in our industry and are happy to provide the necessary products and services, especially during this challenging time.

Your Sales Representative

If you need to contact your Cirris Sales Rep at any time during the pandemic, you will find them ready and willing to talk about your cable and harness testing needs. They might still be in their pajamas when you call, but their expertise in finding the perfect tester for your test process has not diminished. We are still helping companies all over the country stay on track by helping them obtain the best cable testers on the market.

Find your sales rep or distributor: contact.cirris.com

 Call your Cirris sales rep: 801-973-4600

Tech Support

If a worldwide pandemic isn’t stopping cable and harness operations at your company, Cirris will certainly make sure a hiccup in the testing process won’t cause delays. Cirris Tech Support is standing by to answer your questions and walk you through any testing problem you might have.

Call Cirris Tech Support: 801-973-4600 ext. 666 or ask for tech support

Accounting and Administration

If you have questions about invoices, billing, or other paperwork, please call to be directed to our administration department. While many in this department are in quarantine at home, several are maintaining duties in the office to ensure customers’ needs are met in a timely manner.

Engineering/Product Management

When it comes to product development, Cirris hasn’t slowed its progress. We are preparing new products to meet demands in the testing industry. At the same time, we are improving current testing products to better serve needs.

Phyllis With Mask


Holding the front lines at Cirris headquarters is manufacturing. As all Cirris products are manufactured in the US, this department does not have the choice to work from home. While their work schedules may not have changed, we appreciate the sacrifices they have made such as working in actual clothes (rather than pajamas) and being away from family (we know they’ve missed being with their kids and grandkids that are home from school).

Building Maintenance

Lysol, masks, gloves, and every other precaution is being taken to keep Cirris employees and customers safe and healthy. This duty falls heavily on the shoulders of those who keep our building clean. Efforts to keep the building virus-free has doubled the work for our cleaning staff. Their endeavors have paid off as not a single Cirris employee has been personally affected by Coronavirus as of writing this newsletter.

All of Cirris

Every Cirris employee deserves to be recognized for their contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are all working in the most unusual circumstances to make sure our customers don’t feel the strain from these extraordinary events. We know we are lucky to be able to continue running our business and serving our customers during this time.

Thank you for sticking with Cirris!