Cirris Easy-Wire® 2020.1 Introduces New features & Products

The newest version of Easy-Wire has several important new features that can ease your cable testing process. Talk to your Cirris Representative to acquire the new software update and access these new features.

connectorRecord and Compare Test Versions

A new software feature now allows you to include version levels, comments, and operator login when saving test programs in Easy-Wire. This means you can track changes to test programs whenever you save a new version. Saving different versions of test programs and recording operator login will improve security and protect test programs after changes are made. Avoid confusion and resolve errors simply by looking up previous versions of saved test programs in the Test Program Archive. You will be able to compare test programs and see the changes highlighted.

More Info on Revision Control Here.

Edit Connector Images

In earlier versions of Easy-Wire, an image of a connector could not be added or changed after the test program was created. Connector images can now be edited. This means you can now, for example, add a new image to a connector without an image or replace a drawing of a connector with a photograph. The number of connector pins and the pin names cannot change. Connector images provide visual guides that help with test program creation and troubleshooting. Being able to edit images will help you update connector definitions, called connector types in the Easy-Wire Connector Registry. For more information on managing connector images, see the Easy-Wire User Manual or our article on Managing Mating Connectors in the Cirris Learning Center.

Support for Two New Cirris Testers

Easy-Wire 2020.1 has also been updated to be compatible with two new Cirris products.

  • The Cirris CH2 xHVC is currently available to purchase for those who need higher voltages than the CH2 can offer. Test up to 2120 VDC and 1500 VAC with this high voltage tester.
  • Easy-Wire will now also work with the soon-to-be-available CH3 High Voltage Tester. Contact your Cirris representative if you are interested in becoming a beta tester for the CH3.

Software Improvements

Along with new features, Cirris also made important improvements and fixed several bugs in Easy-Wire Software. For a full list of resolved issues, see the release notes that accompany the updated software.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve Cirris Easy-Wire Software or any of our other products, please contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..