As Cirris prepares to celebrate our 35-year anniversary, we are excited to announce a brand-new test system. The all-new Cirris 4200 Series continues the Cirris legacy of easy-to-use cable testers. Updated technology, a new software interface, and innovative features make the 4200 Series a capable tester in the benchtop cable testing market.

Available in two configurations, the high voltage 4250 tester and the low voltage 4200 tester, this system can integrate into your test process. It is lightweight and designed to fit on a benchtop. The capacitive touch screen makes it easy to navigate the software, set up test programs, and test cables.

The 4200 Series offers the same quality expected in all Cirris products. It expands up to 1024 test points (128 per expansion box). The high voltage 4250 tester can reach voltages up to 2000 VDC or 1000 VAC (1500 VDC standard). The Cirris Adapter System provides an interface of interchangeable adapters for you to attach your cable to the tester. The tester accurately analyzes cables for short, open, and miswire errors. The 4250 high voltage tester finds potential problems with the insulation. After testing, print reports and labels that verify the results to clients.
One of the most anticipated benefits of the 4200 Series is the integrated networking capability. You can store test programs in one location on the network and print test reports to any network printer. Cirris Hub Software provides tools to help manage your test files, printers, and other aspects of your tester network.

Customers familiar with the Cirris 1100 Series will easily adapt to the 4200 Series. The 4200 Series contains many of the same accessories and features found on the 1100 Series. For example, adapters, expansion boxes, and test programs are all compatible with the 4200 Series. Continue to use your same test programs from current testers and share them with the new tester using Cirris networking software. Other improvements were made to the new test system to expand many of the 1100 Series’ capabilities. Many features within test programs, such as reports, labels, digital I/O, etc. are now editable on a test-by-test basis. More control has been added to check for intermittent errors. Other changes enhance the testing experience for users familiar with the legacy tester.

For cable and harness shops looking for a quality tester that is capable yet easy to use, the new 4200 Series will fulfill your needs without breaking your budget.

Visit info.cirris.com/4200 to learn more.