SymarTech s.r.o.

For quality wire processing equipment, Slovakia and Hungary can look to SymarTech s.r.o. The 23-year-old company’s goal is to be competitive, offer high quality products, and develop a reputation for reliability. They are ISO 9001 certified and have high expectations for their company and employees.

The company has changed over the decades. Five years ago, they expanded their business and began manufacturing precision parts. Around this time, they also began developing their own tools and devices. Instead of focusing on distributing products from other companies, SymarTech s.r.o could also sell their own products and ideas.

SymarTech s.r.o. has provided technical support and quality products and service to their customers. They provide warranty and post warranty service and represent some of the best companies in the cable industry, including Cirris.

Cirris is proud to have SymarTech s.r.o. to provide quality testers and support for Slovakia and Hungary. For more information, visit .