STAC is the cable-processing equipment leader in Sweden. They represent the top manufacturing companies from around the world, distributing their goods around the Scandinavia area. Their cable-processing goods range from hand tools to fully automated machinery. Their staff has technical knowledge and years of experience to serve customers. 

Among their wire processing tools are Cirris testers. Cirris personnel work with STAC to ensure the best testers are available to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. This helps ensure the best cables and harnesses are produced in this region of the world.

Part of what makes STAC a leader in the industry is their people. They strive to have a reputation for the best service and knowledge. They want to help their customers with everything from installation to training. Service agreements are tailored to their customers’ needs, giving them full control over time and costs of service.

STAC headquarters are located north of Stockholm. In addition to being a service center, they also supply spare parts. If you live in Sweden, Norway, or Denmark, call STAC for your cable-processing needs at +46(0)8 594 103 50. Check out their website for more information by visiting http://www.stacab.se/.

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