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Over thirty years of business has built lasting relationships between Cirris and other companies throughout the wire processing industry. Some of these associations have turned into advantageous partnerships. Customers are enjoying the benefits when leaders in the wire processing industry bring their ideas together to create safety and ease for those who build and test cables and harnesses. 

 Read below for information on Cirris’s Partners and how they benefit customers.

Cirris Solutions GmbH

Cirris’s German partner has assisted customers all over the world. The convenient test systems produced by Cirris Solutions have given manufacturers an ideal way of streamlining processes to cut down on time and improve quality.

Not only has Cirris Solutions made cable and harness manufacturers aware of the reliability and efficiency of Cirris products, but Cirris Solutions has incorporated Cirris testers into automated assembly products. Cirris Solutions has taken the standard Cirris testers and built them into fully or partially automatic electrical and mechanical linear and rotating build units, creating conveyer-type systems that allow manufacturers to make the build process more efficient.

As of May 2015, Cirris Solutions became a member of The Schleuniger Group. With these two companies now one, customers can expect great things from the people they already trust.

The Schleuniger Group

Kevin Denning, CEO of Cirris Systems Corp., and Christoph Schüpbach, CEO of the Schleuniger Group

Kevin Denning, CEO of Cirris Systems Corp., and Christoph Schüpbach (right), CEO of the Schleuniger Group - Image courtesy Schleuniger Group.

Located in Thun, Switzerland, Schleuniger has been in business since 1975. Forty years of service has helped Schleuniger understand the needs of those who work in the wire processing industry. Schleuniger has created machines that can cut, strip, crimp, seal, or do all at once. Their products are built to help users maximize precision when building cables, thus ensuring quality.


Using the knowledge and experience of over 640 employees, Schleuniger has made it their goal to become a leader in wire processing. They hope to accomplish this by

  • Expanding their product range to provide more options for customers.
  • Broaden their customer base to include manufacturers throughout the world.
  • Investing in customer service to give customers an even better experience when working with Schleuniger.

In May 2015, a formal agreement was signed between Cirris and Schleuniger. With an official partnership, the two companies can expand their efforts to reach more customers, bringing their innovative products and combined knowledge to those who will benefit most.


Cirris has distributors and reps in over 20 countries to help provide service to customers on each of the seven continents. With the headquarters of Cirris Systems located in Salt Lake City, Utah, it can be difficult to reach cable and harness manufacturers throughout the world. With the help of distributors, culture and language are no longer barriers preventing companies from using Cirris products.

The dedication and hard work of Cirris distributors has contributed to the advancement of technology in the wire processing industry. Without distributors reaching out to manufacturers around the world to inform them about Cirris test systems, the industry may not have experienced the rapid growth that has brought it so far.

Whether you live in Germany by Cirris Solutions, Switzerland with Schleuniger, or another part of the world near a Cirris distributor, you can know you are in good hands.

What does this mean for you?

While these partnerships sound good for Cirris Systems, Cirris Solutions, and Schleuniger, you may wonder what it has to do with you as a customer. Initially, this arrangement will have very little impact on the wire processing industry. But over time, integration of products and the invention of new tools could affect manufacturing shops all around the globe.

As each company settles into its role, you can look forward to more benefits and advantages for customers of any of the three companies whose values and levels of service are some of the best in the world.

We invite you to learn more about Cirris Solutions and Schleuniger. Their unique tools and service may be something you’ve yet to discover but will be of use to you in your manufacturing shop.

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