The newest version of Cirris Easy-Wire software is available for download. Thanks to customer requests, suggestions, and in-house testing, this version includes a variety of new features and improvements.

Learn how to download the software here.

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 Release changes include:

  • Smart-Lights™ capability - Smart-Lights help warn of errors and identify connectors for quick setup.
  • Scripting for the CR and CH2 - Use scripting to extend and customize the features of your tester.
  • Hipot by Net for Easy-Touch™
  • Improvements to
      • splice testing
      • shorts testing
      • image management
      • custom components
      • and several other key areas.

More information on these new features is included when you download Easy-Wire version 2014.3.1. Contact your Cirris representative for downloading instructions and charges. You must register to download software. Be sure to back up your database before installing updates.