Cirris Cable Tester Safety and Compliance




First there was RoHS,
Then there was REACH
Then there was ITAR,
And now, Conflict Minerals Trade Act!

You have your U.L. and yourVDE, your TUV and your WEEE.

To meet the ever increasing requirements to assure safety, compliance, comfort and health, Cirris has designed a new extensive, comprehensive, exhaustive, thorough, in-depth, universal tester warning label.



Attaches to Any Cirris Tester!

Easily affixed to the back of any Cirris tester, this incredible warning label can now be downloaded from our website, complete with easy and convenient printing and folding instructions. OR, if you would like you can order them directly from Cirris. 



(Optional) Tilt Stand Label Display

Our new warning and safety compliance label conveniently unfolds for easy viewing using our optional “Warning Label Tilt Stand Display.”


Safety and Compliance Manual Preview