Cable Tester Figure Heads!

Professional Installation Required. 


viking fh 159On very rare occasions a product comes along that will change an industry! Cirris is proud to announce the authentic replication of antique ship figure heads for mounting on your Cirris cable testers. Be the first in your area to proudly display your favorite figure head. Perhaps you have a bit of the Viking in you, or mayhap the yen for days of old and sassy tavern wenches is your thing! Whatever your fancy, Cirris offers fiberglass replicas of some of your favorite figure heads. Hand painted and aged for the most authentic look and feel. Your cable testers will never be just that 'boring test box' ever again! 

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tavern wench
Click photo to see tester with Figure Head.


She has a big heart and a winning smile, and the thirst of many a sailor was slaked with her tavern services. So they carved her image in oak so she could tend to the lonely sailor even as he sailed the far off briny seas. Keep this noble tradition afloat as you navigate the perilous unknowns of cable and harness testing. 



eagle 2
Click on photo to see tester with figure head.


Close your eyes and you can almost hear the drum and fife and feel the spirit of freedom, courage and pride that the American Eagle represents. Every cable and harness plugged on to your Cirris tester that is adorned with the American Eagle Figure Head is a salute to independence, hope, truth, justice and the American way! 


friar tuck2
Click on photo to see Tester with figure head.


You decide if this fellow is the famous 'Friar of Nottingham' or a respected 'Roman Senator'? (We can't figure it out!) So when your cable testing needs an authoritative figure to watch over your cable testing. You can choose who to turn to." 
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long john
Long John Silver
island girl 2
Island Girl
viking fh2
Eric the Red...ish
perky mermaid
Perky Mermaid