Cable Assembly Workplace Signs

Since April 1st is National Cable Assembly Safety Day (or would be if there were such a thing) we thought it would be a good idea to show the Top 10 Caution and Danger signs we'd like to see on a cable assembly factory floor. These signs are designed to warn, inform, and give you something to read other than "Good Cable". We are sure you'll find these as useful as we do.

Here are a some of the signs we'd like to see. Some of these signs link to larger versions so you can print them (see hints for printing).

hot wire small insulation leaks small employee suggestions small

laser small hipot small operator reassigned small

flying leads small fingers out small

corrective action small danger 50kohms small termination station small

And a few more signs we are working on:

strippers small smoke free small surfing small

To print the signs in IE 6 use Print Preview, then select Page Setup and set the margins to 0.1". Erase the header and footer. Set the page to Landscape. It should print fine.

To print the signs in IE 7 use Page Setup and set your margins to 0.1" and the page to landscape. Then go to Print Preview and turn off the headers and footers, and set the print scale to custom. You'll probably find a scale of 93-96% works great. You can drag the left margin to center the image on the print page.

In Opera use Print Options/Paper and Orientation and set the page to landscape. The return to Print Options and turn off the headers and footers and set the paper margins to 0.1". It should print fine.

In Firefox, click the close box and launch Opera or IE. Firefox doesn't print these images correctly (Mozilla bug 235097 - go vote to get it fixed...)