A 35 Year Company

Cirris founder Marlin Shelley invented the Signature 1000 Cable Tester in 1984. Three-and-a-half decades later customers are still using that original Signature 1000 to test their cables. For these 35 years, Cirris staff and customers have worked together to create cable testers with higher voltages and more capabilities. Ambition and a desire to serve customers have placed over 35,000 cable testers in the hands of more than 7,000 customers on every continent (including Antarctica). People all over the world rely on Cirris when they test cables that help drive cars, heal patients, defend soldiers, even launch satellites. Cirris is proud of our part in helping the world progress toward safety and discovery.

Cirris thanks all past, present, and future customers for the opportunity to serve you. We look forward to 35 more years of providing you with the best cable testing products available.

Your Trusted Partner in Quality

For over thirty years, Cirris Systems has strived to ensure that the cables, wires, and harnesses in your devices are tested on quality products to guarantee functionality and accuracy. Whether you are testing the cables or using the end product, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with good cables, wires, and harnesses.

cirris people 2Employee Owned Company

As an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company, employees at Cirris share responsibilities and benefits, thereby increasing workplace efficiency and satisfaction. Every employee-owner at Cirris focuses on promoting quality products and providing a gratifying customer experience.

Cable and Harness Testing Experts

Testing requirements are changing as quickly as technology improves. Cables and harnesses demand higher voltage and more complex assemblies. Cirris manufactures products to meet these requirements. We provide a range of testers, software, adapters, and other tools to fulfill your testing needs. If you can’t find what you need in our standard line, our skilled Custom Products Team is ready to adapt our highly flexible testers to become the perfect tester for your project.

Bringing Knowledge to You

We strive every day to bring you accurate and informative articles to help you become proficient in the industry. If you need further help, our training professionals are ready when you need them. With our learning center and in-person training, you can rely on Cirris to guide you through even the most difficult testing matter.

Promoters of Quality Life

Whether sponsoring a race to support local charities or organizing family-centered events, Cirris aims to serve and improve life for those around us. Our employees enjoy benefits such as breakfast provided each morning and spending lunchtime hours biking or running. The positive lifestyle of our employees means a positive experience for our customers.

Worldwide Cirris

Cirris has played a role in ensuring the progression of technology. Our reach has extended beyond headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah to sister divisions in China (Shanghai and Shenzhen), the UK, and Germany, including distributors or reps in over 20 countries. We have placed 35,000 testers in the hands of over 7,000 customers on all 7 continents. Peace of mind comes when Cirris products are operating on so many different projects all over the world.