40 Years

Celebrating Forty Years

As we celebrates 40 years, we highlight some of the people that make Cirris what it is today – a lead developer and manufacturer of cable harness testers. We recognize our people as our most valuable asset in this endeavor.

Scotty’s Story: A Lifelong Journey with Cirris

For Scotty Perschon, Cirris isn’t just a workplace. As the Head of Production at Cirris, Scotty has dedicated 17 years of his life to the company, witnessing its growth firsthand and experiencing its impact on both his career and personal life.

Cirris, a leader in cable harness manufacturing for testers, has been a constant presence in Scotty’s life. “Cirris has always been something in my life,” Scotty reflects. “My dad worked here before, and I used to come in during the summers, hanging out at the Cirris parties.” This early exposure laid the foundation for Scotty’s future at Cirris, leading to his part-time position while still in high school.
From sorting screws and nuts in storage bins to assembling testers and eventually becoming the Head of Production, Scotty’s career path at Cirris exemplifies growth and dedication. He’s held various positions within the company, from shipping to repair and tech support management, showcasing his versatility and commitment to excellence.

What keeps Scotty motivated after all these years? “The people,” he says without hesitation. “The connection with the people here is different from anywhere else I’ve worked.” For Scotty, Cirris isn’t just a workplace—it’s a community, a second family that has been a constant presence throughout his life.

But Cirris isn’t just about work—it’s about impact. Scotty has witnessed firsthand how Cirris products, with their constant technological advancements, have influenced the world around him. “From aerospace companies using our testers on rockets to everyday USB cables charging someone’s phone,” he explains, “the impact of Cirris reaches far and wide.”

In Scotty’s eyes, Cirris’s dedication to customer satisfaction and product quality sets it apart from competitors. “The amount of quality and support we put into our testers and all of our products – it makes you not want to use anything else… The customers are right. They’re the ones that are helping us out to find other issues and other avenues to improve our products,” he affirms, echoing Cirris’s commitment to customer-centricity.

Beyond his career achievements, Scotty’s tenure at Cirris has coincided with significant personal milestones. From graduating high school and college to getting married and starting a family, Cirris has been woven into the fabric of his life. “My kids have Cirris jackets and shirts,” Scotty shares proudly. “It’s kind of cool to see this Cirris product going down the family line, the family tree.”

Through Scotty’s story, it’s evident that Cirris isn’t just a company—it’s a place of belonging, shaping the lives of its employees in profound ways. With its dedication to quality, innovation, and community, Cirris continues to leave a lasting imprint, not only in the realm of cable testing but also in the hearts and lives of those like Scotty who call it home.

Scotty Perschon, Head of Production

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Cirris testing products are renowned for their quality and reliability in the industry. Built with precision and durability in mind, each tester undergoes rigorous testing and calibration to ensure accuracy. Cirris prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive support services, making integration seamless and efficient. With a focus on excellence, Cirris testing products empower cable manufacturers to enhance their operations and product quality with confidence.

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