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No longer available for purchase, this page is for informational purposes only.


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DCR-1000 Photo


DCR-1000 Features / Specs.

  • Stimulus Current:    500 AMPS for 1mS
  • Cable Size:    AWG 000 to 5 (9 to 18 mm case diameter)
  • Max Insulation Thickness:    (copper to surface) 20% of copper diameter
  • Open Circuit Terminal Voltage   19 VDC Pulse
  • Max Resistance Measured    200 Micro Ohms
  • Typical Heating (10 micro ohm crimp)    2.5mJ per test cycle
  • Color Touch Screen Display:    VGA analog resistive touch screen
  • Communication Port:   RS-232
  • Memory:   16 M-bit

dcr-line-350 (10K)

Crimps are electrical as well as mechanical components. Proving them using mechanical tests only may miss important failures. Cirris Solutions Ltd., a U.K. based subsidiary of Cirris Systems Corporation, has developed a revolutionary new technology for non-destructive testing of wire crimps using electrical resistance. The DCR-1000 uses a patented process wherein it performs an electrical test, which is able to accurately measure resistance in the micro-ohm range. This test the electrical properties of the crimp, not just the mechanical 'pull' strength.

Because crimp resistance is crucial to quality and varies with tooling pressure, crimp yield, component oxides and copper deficits, its accurate and timely measurement is relevant for all industries that care about quality. Most power cables are mission critical and the ability to test every one, quickly, reliably and non-destructively without technician skill or training means that DCR 1000 has applications in aerospace, military, automotive, industrial, mining, security and power industries.

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